2015-2017 Ford Mustang Widebody Kit

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Ford Mustang widebody kit by Clinched – wilder and wider than anything you’ve seen before! Fits 2015, 2016 and 2017 models. Click on “Description” to learn more.

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Clinched 2015-2017 Ford Mustang widebody kit

S550 Mustang platform has been a big success for Ford ever since its introduction. Ford designers led by Joel Piaskowski found a way to make the body lines look more streamlined without losing Mustang’s signature masculinity. Our kit is for those looking to stand out from the crowd and those looking for more aggression than the stock S550 Mustang provides. This kit is not for the faint of heart as it amplifies Mustang’s design language and also gives you ability to run much bigger wheels and tires.

Adds 3.6 inches(9cm) up front and 4.7 inches(12cm) out back per side.

Parts included in the kit:

– Set of front and rear fender flares (4 pcs);
– Front add-on lip (2-piece design) – mounts to the stock front bumper;
– Front bumper flares;
– Sideskirts (2-piece design);
– Ducktail spoiler (could be sold without a spoiler for customers looking to use other type of rear spoiler);
– Rubber gasket;
– Installation hardware

This Ford Mustang widebody kit is superior to most of the kits out there as it’s offered in 2 choices of premium materials – either in ABS plastic or in carbon fiber. You won’t have to pay thousands of dollars in labor to your body shop to make it “fit”, like with any fiberglass kits. Unlike fiberglass, our parts won’t crack and will have a much longer lifespan. Most of the original equipment bumpers are made out of ABS plastic and there’s a reason for that – parts made out of ABS plastic are very heat, chemical and impact resistant and they require the least amount of prep work prior to installation.

Our partners @ Pazi Performance were able to complete 3 Mustangs for SEMA Show in just 3 (long) days. This feat would’ve been impossible to pull off with fiberglass parts since they require much more prep work.

Carbon fiber version comes with a hard “dry” carbon fiber surface for that “motorsport” look and ease of installation. You may also opt to have it painted or clear coated.


Our Ford Mustang widebody kit will fit all variations of S550-bodied (2015 through 2017) Ford Mustang. The kit will fit both coupe and convertible bodystyles of GT and EcoBoost models. It will also fit GT350 and GT350R with some additional custom work on the front bumper flares (some minor trimming is required).

This 2015-2017 Ford Mustang widebody kit comes with mounting hardware (Type 3) and rubber gaskets. For those customers looking to mount the kit with different style of hardware we offer a choice of Type 1 and  Type 2  mounting hardware. The type of mounting hardware is nothing more than a personal choice.

Please note – you will need to cut your existing fenders and quarter panels. We highly recommend professional installation, although some of our clients have been successful with DIY installations.

All parts come in unpainted black ABS plastic. You can paint the kit or have it wrapped. In either case, you will need to primer the parts first.

Wheels & Tires.

www.willtheyfit.com is a good first step to figuring out possible wheel and tire combos.

As a point of reference – a now-infamous satin black Mustang as seen @ SEMA ’17 is running 20×13 wheels (negative 50 offset) out back with 315/30/20 tires and there’s TONS of room left on the inside. You can run 345/25/20 tire on a 13.5 ET-44 wheel.

Front wheel size is 20×11.5 ET-45 and the optimal tire size is 295/30/20 or 315/25/20.

Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 85 × 25 × 25 in

Full kit, Without ducktail

45 reviews for 2015-2017 Ford Mustang Widebody Kit

  1. Andrew

    Thats what you call a mustang!

  2. Angel Trujillo (verified owner)

    I’m the proud owner of the yellow mustang with the carbon fiber kit love it!! Best fitment and quality around ig: @steelowsg

  3. Mike Morrow

    This the best body I’ve seen yet on mustang… tuff…
    Now I’m ready to put some hips on mine…


    Do you make this kit for the 2014 mustang?

    • Michael Kazakov

      Sorry, we don’t

  5. Kenny reichert

    Will this body kit fit the convertible? Also will the ducktail fit on it as well?

    • Michael Kazakov

      Yes, the kit will fit the convertible. The ducktail spoiler will fit as well

  6. Miranda Ayala

    Will this fit a 2015 v6 mustang?

    • Michael Kazakov

      Yes it will

  7. Marco Kedro

    Will this fit the UK 2017 Mustang GT?

    • Michael Kazakov

      As far as we know it will

  8. Karan

    Hey I’m planing on getting a Ford Mustang GT 2017 dude you think this wide body would fit ?? Please answers back

    • Michael Kazakov

      It sure will

  9. Karan

    Hey would this kit fit on the 2017 GT ?

    • Michael Kazakov

      Yes it will

  10. Roberto

    I just ordered a convertible 2018 will it fit my 2018 I’m looking to do looks of work fast to it

    • Michael Kazakov

      the kit in its current form will NOT fit 2018 models but we’re working on the kit to fit on 2018+ cars. Stay tuned

  11. Faraz khan

    Will this kit fit 2018 gt performance pack?

    • Michael Kazakov

      This particular one will not but we’ve just announced a pre-sale on a 2018+ kit to be released pretty soon. Check out our Instagram for details on the pre-sale deal

  12. Michael Quezada

    I had a question installing this would i need special tires for the body-kit or will it fit the ones i have now they are 22×9 in the front and 22×10 in the back. If it does if I order this how long does shipping take. Thank You

    • Michael Kazakov

      Yes, you WILL need a new set of wheels and tires – your existing setup is going to be too skinny

  13. omar el meligy

    definitely gonna put this on my 2015 GT, can you please give me the details of those rims as in the brand and size it would be great help

    • Michael Kazakov

      It’s all in the description, scroll all the way down. People usually run 20×11.5 + 20×13

  14. Tim Ricafrente

    I have a 2017 Shelby GT350, not wanting the exposed hardware, I prefer the blended look as this will be for Sema 2018. Also currently having a custom designed wrap that will be added for this project. Any extra recommendations will be much appreciated.

    • Michael Kazakov

      Tim, it’s doable. We’re doing a regular GT now in the shop with blended-in installation. That car will also be going to SEMA

  15. Mike

    Amazing kit! Question, what is the best wheel and tire size that can be used for this kit??

    • Michael Kazakov

      There’s quite a few options but most people use 20×11 or 20×11.5 + 20×13 or 20×13.5 with 295 or 305 front tires and 325/335/345 rear tires

  16. Michael Quezada

    Hi Im buying this today what bolts do you recommend and how many i need and do i need the rubber gasket and lastly what size of rims and tires do you recommend. Thank You for your time

    • Michael Kazakov

      60pcs for the kit with no ducktail or 80pcs for the a full kit
      10 meters for the gasket
      Rear wheels 20×13 (negative 50 offset) out back with 315/30/20 tires and there’s TONS of room left on the inside. You can run 345/25/20 tire on a 13.5 ET-44 wheel.
      Front wheel size is 20×11.5 ET-45 and the optimal tire size is 295/30/20 or 315/25/20.

  17. Jake

    What are the rims of the black mustang ?

    • Michael Kazakov

      Rennen Forged R55

  18. Charles Craig

    Would it be possible to put this kit and fit it on a 1994 mustang gt if not could you make one?

    • Michael Kazakov

      Sorry but negative

  19. Tyler

    Will this fit on a 2017 eco boost?

    • Michael Kazakov

      Yes it will

  20. Brandon

    Does the front grill with the lights come with the kit, or is that an other aftermarket part?

    • Michael Kazakov

      No, the grill kit doesn’t come with our widebody kit

  21. Mike

    Do you need the rubber gaskets if you are going to blend the fenders on the car? Also how do you recommend blending the fenders onto the body?

    • Michael Kazakov

      You don’t need rubber gaskets when blending in. You would have to shave down the edges of the bodykit panels and then use what is called “panel bond” by 3M to smooth out the seams
      Look around for a bodyshop who’s done it before or let us know where you live and we’ll see if we have any referrals in the area

  22. MARTIN

    Can we ship it to China? How much is the freight?

    • Michael K.

      Sorry, we don’t ship to China

  23. MARTIN

    Where can I sell the light grille?

    • Michael K.

      This part is not available for sale unfortunately

  24. Tony Beam

    Are there any issues with bonding the ABS to metal (shrinkage, cracking etc.) Is the kit available for the 2018 yet?

    • Michael K.

      Hi Tony, the kit for 2018+ cars is available and in stock
      Use 3M’s “Panel Bond” to bond the kit to the body panels. We suggest customers wrap their cars vs. paint as wrap is more forgiving than paint when it comes to thermal expansion rates difference. Having said that, here’s an example of PAINTED blended-in kit – https://www.instagram.com/thatbaggeds550/

  25. Ruben

    wil this fit on a mustang 2019

    • Michael K.

      Yes it will

  26. jake h.

    will this kit work with a 1.5 inch lowering springs without rubbing.

    • Michael K.

      Yes it will

  27. Connor b.

    Is it allowed in Germany?

    • Egor Malinka

      Yes, we have one client in Germany who have this kit installed and pass TUV.

      Send us email info@clinchedflares.com

  28. Brent

    What’s the widest wheel and tire combo that I can do?

    • Egor Malinka

      20×11.5 ET-45 and the optimal tire size is 295/30/20 or 315/25/20
      20×13j ET-50 with 345/25/20 or 13.5j ET-44

  29. john parsons

    just wondering if the ABS plastic Wide body kit is cheaper than the carbon fiber, if so whats the difference in price.
    thanks in Advance

    • Egor Malinka

      Yes, ABS plastic is cheaper than Carbon Fiber, Price is $5990

  30. Sam pham

    Hello, I’ve noticed it doesn’t say which currency, I’m in Australia. If you could tell me how much it is USD or AUD. That would be great.

    • Egor Malinka

      All the prices are in USD

  31. William Keeling

    Which convertible mustangs will this fit?

    • Egor Malinka

      S550 From 2015+

  32. Zac

    Can any after market front cover be compatible with this such as the Vis Tmc, rough, gt350, gt500 conversions

    • Egor Malinka

      It can be compatible without the front lip and with light modification of the front bumper elements.

      Please check the video about GT350 with our widebody kit on our youtube channel.

  33. Emanuel Gonzalez

    does this fit an ecoboost of those years

    • Egor Malinka

      Yes, it will fit!

  34. Ethann Spradling

    I know you stated it will fit a gt350 but do you have any photos or anything to show before I cut up my car? I would love to use the gt 350 front bumper I have.

    • Egor Malinka

      Check our youtube channel, there is a video with Clinched GT350

  35. Aaiden Basil

    will it fit for a 2016 eco boost

    • Egor Malinka

      Yes, it will fit!

  36. Rezzik johns

    Hey i have a 2017 ford mustang eco boost does it fit the eco boost mustangs? and whats the brand/name of the louvers on the black one???

    • Egor Malinka

      Yes, it will fit eco boost! Unfortunately, we do not know who manufactures that part.

  37. Joy Carson

    Will this fit a eco boost?

    • Egor Malinka

      Yes, it will!

  38. Jmiller

    Do not own one yet but. But cannot run a 14 inch wide or 15 inch wide tire with a 20 inch wheel

    • Egor Malinka

      Our recommended specs for the rear are 13.5J ET-45. It will be possible to fit 14J or wider.

  39. Julian

    Do not own one yet but can it run a 14 inch wide or 15 inch wide tire with a 20 inch wheel diameter

    • Egor Malinka

      Yes, we recommend 13.5J with ET-45. With less negative offset, you can fit wider wheels.

  40. Tyler Shelton

    I was wondering if y’all have put out a model that will fit a 2020 eco boost yet?

    • Egor Malinka

      2018+ kit will fit 2020 eco boost, you can find it in the Ford widebody kit page

  41. Jose

    Oye cabra esto en el Mustang GT 2021 y en qué color viene

    • Egor Malinka

      Yes, it will fit the 2021 Mustang. Parts come unpainted in pure plastic black color. They are required to be painted or wrapped.

  42. Luke

    When will this come back In stock?

    • Egor Malinka

      Kit will be available around the end of August

  43. Joseph Russo

    Will this fit a 2022 Mustang GT Fastback? and will hardware rust over time?

    • Egor Malinka

      2018+ kit will fit 2022 Mustang. We have one in stock right now. The bolts and washers are stainless steel

  44. Szymon

    How much full kit carbon ?

    • Egor Malinka

      Carbon Fiber Kit discontinued

  45. Mehdi ali

    Is this bodykit street legal in Australia

    • Egor Malinka

      We do not have information about it! But we have 3 widebody Mustangs and 2 widebody Evo in Australia, I assume it is legal!

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