Chevy Camaro ’67-’69 Fender Flares


Priced per set of 4 flares

– Adds +10cm (3.9”) per side F/R
– May be blended in with your fenders or left with visible hardware

Comes with rubber gasket and Type 3 installation hardware

Scroll down for detailed info

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Chevy Camaro Gen1 (’67-’69) Fender Flares

We’re very proud to announce our first product in the new product line. This set of fender flares marks our first foray into a make\model-specific fender flares segment.

We’ve teamed up with a world-renown Cotati Speed Shop and replicated their design (with a few subtle changes) of the Chevy Camaro Gen1 fender flares as seen on Cotati’s insane Camaro that graced Flowmaster booth at SEMA 2018.

Zane Cullen, owner of Cotati Speed Shop, trusted us to recreate his original fiberglass flares in our material of choice – ABS plastic.

This sets adds about 3.9″ (10cm) both F/R and is the most cost-effective way to cover an oversized wheels\tires combo.


While these flares set was originally designed for ’67 and ’68 cars it WILL work on ’69 front fenders with minor customization.


Our flares are made out of lightweight ABS plastic – the finished product does not increase your vehicle’s weight.

High-quality Materials

We use high-quality impact-resistant and lightweight 3mm ABS plastic – same material OE bumpers are made out of.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 12 in


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