We’ve been asked this question numerous time – “How do I install your fender flares”? Well, here it is boys and girls – a definitive guide to installing our universal fender flares as well as body kits.

Step-by-step Guide How To Install Universal Fender Flares

This guide is applicable to all models of our universal fender flares. All of the steps down below are also applicable to our widebody kits with one caveat – you’ll need to do mock-up fitments of ALL bodykit pieces before doing all the cutting or drilling.

  1. Align the flare with the body and mark its positioning with a pencil or sharpie. This is one of the most important step. Please take your time to carefully align the flare over your fender or a quarter panel. We recommend having your wheel mounted on the car when doing this step – this will give you a visual of additional (negative) offset that you’ll need to come up with (either with wheel spacers or with a different set of wheels) as well as the amount of metal be cut away. Do NOT modify your flare with cutting and molding just yet.
  2. Leave ~ 1.5cm from the line that you draw in Step 1 and draw another line (closer to the fender\quarter panel lip). Cut away your lip by following this newly-drawn line.
  1. Very carefully bend the inner wheel arch with a rubber mallet to get it closer to the outer fender.
  1. Cut away the inner wheel arch.
  1. You will need to weld shut the inner wheel arch and apply corrosion-inhibiting coating (we recommend POR-15) along this new seam\weld.
  1. Align the flare against the fender\quarter panel again, this time affixing it in place with double-sided scotch tape.
  1. Drill out the holes through the flares and fenders\quarter panels.
  1. Affix our fender flares with the bolts and rivnuts. We highly recommend using a rubber profile gasket (available in our webstore).

General tips when working with ABS plastic

The main difference between any parts made out of ABS plastic and commonly-used fiberglass is how pliable ABS plastic is. You can mold it into place to follow pretty much any body contours or angles. This pliability gives you an option of installing the same flares over some monster 22-inch wheels as well as some vintage 13-inchers. It also gives you an ability to follow any body lines.

Your fender flare started its life as a flat piece of plastic. The shape that you see was achieved by heating it up, putting it into a mold and cooling down. Follow the same basic steps to have your flare follow your car’s body lines. As an example – if the surface angles of your fender and mounting surface of the flare do not match up perfectly, you can always heat up the flare and have it follow the fender surface. We recommend having a wet (cold) piece of cloth handy to cool down the flare once the needed shape is achieved.

Our flares come with an additional 15cm of radius from the last mounting point. This gives you some flexibility with your cut-away line. ABS plastic is a pretty soft material – you can cut it with a really good knife or with a handsaw. Use acetone-soaked shop towel to smooth out the edges.

How To Install Universal Fender Flares

How To Install Universal Fender Flares