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Our products open the door to a sophisticated and race-inspired appearance for your vehicle. We provide auto enthusiasts around the globe with a variety of fender flares, widebody kits, ducktail spoilers, hood vents and much more. Our unique styling and exclusive add-ons can create the head-turning look you desire.

At Clinched Flares, we share the idea that stock appearance is uninspiring. Unlike OEM parts, our fender flares, widebody kits and ducktail spoilers are designed to add a personal touch along with an aggressive look to make your vehicle visually outstanding.

Restyling your vehicle in this way is about getting a wider stance and capturing admiring glances everywhere you roll. Imagine that feeling when people cannot walk past your car without taking a photo. All of our products in our store are designed with pride and expert craftsmanship with you, the owner, in mind.

Transform the Run-of-The-Mill of Your Car

Being instantly noticed on the road is a main reason to install fender flares or a widebody kit on a car. Paired with a jaw-dropping ducktail and hood vents, well-sculpted extensions can help your car discover its inner beast. Upgrade it with extra wide wheels and drop the suspension to take your ride to the next level. An overfender is the most stylish tucking solution for oversized wheels and tires.

Aesthetics are not our only passion as we are totally dedicated to performance and speed as well. Therefore, at Clinched Flares, we do not compromise aerodynamics.

Our fender flares and widebody kits increase functionality

We use high-grade 3mm ABS plastics during production. Unlike fiberglass and other materials, ABS is easy-to-paint and heat- and impact-resistant. The plastic provides superior ruggedness and refined fit without any weight penalty.

-Our widebody kits bring about augment ground dynamics for speed lovers. As a result, you get the improved aerodynamics required for your need for speed. They allow your car to slip through the air while enjoying new-found level of grip through those wide wheels and tires you can run with our kits. Perfect aerodynamics keeps a vehicle pressed against the pavement at higher speeds.

– Apart from restyling, our store offers the model-specific refinements for practical purposes. Installing a set of sophisticated fender flares offers protection to your undercarriage from debris and mud. It also keeps your wheel wells undamaged.

Clinched Flares make your car a head turner

Power, performance, and thirst for speed are the factors that unite the customers of Clinched Flares. We are a family of car enthusiasts, who diligently craft a variety of solutions for widening and design modifications. Our bolt-on accessories allow for slight tweaks to or a complete transformation of your ride.

Here you can buy universal fender flares, widebody kits ducktail spoilers, or hood vents for your car. We manufacture high-quality and lightweight parts for a sportier and beefier look without appearing overdone. It’s high time to upgrade your ride to the body treatment it desires!